Fees & Insurance

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Fees for treatment vary with difficulty of care and needs; minor treatment carries minor fees. No one is penalized with an ‘average’ fee. All our fees are reasonable and appropriate. Discounted fees are available for full payment at start of treatment.

Payment plans are individualized to your needs. We make fine orthodontic care manageable and affordable. There are plans available with NO MONEY DOWN and LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS, and no interest. There are discounted fees for selecting ‘all a.m. appointments.’ For your convenience, credit and debit cards are accepted for payment.

Computerized monthly updates of your account status are sent to you. Stamped, self-addressed return envelopes are provided for your convenience in making monthly payments.


Orthodontic insurance benefits, as part of a dental policy, apply to all orthodontic treatment.

Major Medical insurance benefits may apply to TMJ, headache and head pain, obstructive sleep apnea, snoring. We will help you to determine the benefits available to you. We will help by filing claims for you and handling insurance questions. We are expert in insurance coordination, and we will help assure MAXIMUM dollar benefits.

We will attempt to determine your benefits before your first appointment, if you give us the necessary information in advance.

We will accept insurance benefit payments as part of the treatment fee to reduce your ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses on whatever payment plan you choose.